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Explore America on a supported bike ride across the United States!





There are few things in life that compare to the adventure of crossing a continent on a bicycle. This vehicle supported, non-camping ride takes participants from the Pacific Ocean at San Diego, California to the Atlantic Ocean at St. Augustine, Florida. This relatively short route is approximately 3,000 miles. However, this route is abundant in aspects that excite explorers; the terrain is quite varied as are the cultures of the people that riders will meet as they pedal away the miles. As a rider, you will first encounter the influences of Mexico and Native Americans as you roll east from California through the mountains and deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. You will find Spain has left its cultural mark in Texas, and France did the same in Louisiana's Cajun region. Once you roll into Mississippi and Alabama you will experience true southern hospitality at its best. As you enter Florida, the last state on your adventure, be on the lookout for alligators and other tropical creatures. Finally, after 46 days you and your new friends will arrive at historic St. Augustine, a city established by Spanish explorers in 1565, This quaint city is the perfect place to end the adventure. All riders will come together for the final act of this tour, the ceremonial dipping of front tires into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The ride will be over, but the memories and the friendships will last a lifetime.




There is more than one way to ride across the United States. While most cyclists cross America on a route from one coast to the other, a shorter, yet equally adventurous route can be ridden starting at the Gulf of Mexico and heading north to Canada. This tour begins in the deep South and travels north through the scenic landscapes and small towns of middle America. This route gives riders the opportunity to ride through many historically important places of interest, including the bicycle friendly Natchez Trace.


After only 26 days and approximately 1,750 miles, participants will end their adventure at the world famous natural wonder, Niagara Falls. With mist in the air and the sights and sounds of the falls overwhelming their senses, riders will end their tour with Canada in view. They will be be tired, but grateful for having experienced an unforgettable journey.





If you are reasonably fit and have a decent bicycle, you are a good candidate for either tour. However, it takes a lot of nerve and hours of planning when preparing to ride a bicycle on an extended tour. It is a large commitment of time and resources. Therefore, at Trans-America Cycling, it is understood that prospective participants will have many questions. Trans-America Cycling encourages all interested parties to seek out answers in order to assure that their expectations match with one of our tour offerrings. No question is too small.


For more details about the tours please review the FAQ page. The link for that page is found near the top of this page.

What's included?

  • Meals - Breakfasts and most evening meals
  • Hotels (shared double room)
  • Ride support & drinks/snacks while riding
  • Detailed route suggestions
  • Serious fun and few hassles


California to Florida

  • Tours Start- April 1st Every Year
  • Cost -$6,950 Shared Room/Private $9,450


Gulf of Mexico to Niagara Falls

  • Tours Start- September 1st Every Year
  • Cost - $4,950 Shared Room/ Private $6,950.



Have fun exploring America with other like-minded folks from across America.

Dive into the food of the Southern United States. You will get to enjoy Californian, Mexican, Texmex, and Cajun cuisine, as well as Old South favorites such as fried chicken and savory barbeque.


It's all about the adventure!